Line Therapist

Line therapists provide day-to-day in-home behavioral intervention for children. Working from programs created by the consultants, the line therapists are responsible for working one-on-one with the children to address their skill deficits and improve their quality of life.

Autism Family Partnership currently employs/ contracts with line therapists. The qualifications for a line therapist are as follows:

  • Own a car/have transportation and be punctual
  • Be working toward or have a bachelor’s degree (in psychology, special education, or related field)
  • Ability to accept and implement feedback and constructive criticism in teaching, and overall job operations
  • An understanding and ability to follow the rules of confidentiality and privacy for clients
  • Ability to maintain a professional relationship with clients, and all individuals related to and involving clients
  • Ability to carry out specific programs in supervised, and unsupervised work environments
  • Experience in applied behavior analysis is preferred
  • All CEAS employees must pass a background check


  • Pay is competitive and varies with experience
  • Health insurance available to full-time employees
  • 401(k) available

*Training is provided for data collection procedures, and graphing.